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Bruce Banner is different from everyone else. While working on a new technology to accelerate the healing process in animals, he is exposed to gamma radiation. Instead of killing him, the radiation turns him into the Hulk, a nearly mindless green behemoth. General Ross is tasked to contain the monster before it can endanger San Francisco, California.
Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry.
Though I have not seen &quot;2 Fast 2 Furious&quot; (I have no intention of doing so), I feel quite assured that &quot;Hulk&quot; is the single worst summer film of 2003, as well as one of the worst films of 2003.<br/><br/>In &quot;The Hulk,&quot; wait, no, just &quot;Hulk&quot; (the film is apparently too much of an &#39;event&#39; to have a prefix) dull, tight-lipped Cal scientist Bruce Banner refuses to talk to ex-girlfriend Jeniffer Connelly (who plays the same role she won the Oscar for, but who also is made to look slightly ridiculous in doing so by the silly premise of the film) about his real feelings or whatever. The two grow closer as the film progresses, the comic backstory is ultimatley releaved, and the Hulk smashes a great deal of military hardware. Sounds fine on paper, but the film has problems, and quite a few of them at that.<br/><br/>The presentation of the plot and backstory of the film is needlessly convoluted–not that it is difficult to decipher or guilefully woven into the fabric of the film&#39;s timeline, its&#39;s just presented in gratuitious flashbacks and uninspired, cliche dialogue.<br/><br/>And while the film means to slowly build up to its climax (where the infamous Hulk does indeed &#39;smash&#39; a great deal) in a lengthy early segment, it ultimatley looses the audience&#39;s interest as opposed to creating anticipation.<br/><br/>Moreover, Seeing a taciturn Berkeley scientist&#39;s internal struggles is just uninteresting–no one who likes the Hulk likes him (or it) because of its/his Bruce Banner side (the film&#39;s called &quot;Hulk,&quot; not &quot;Bruce&quot;).<br/><br/>And while the film&#39;s focus may be detracting, seeing what looks Gumby on steriods and speed trying to pass himself off as the Hulk is just outright dissapointing. The special effects look remarkably artificial given the status of the film, and there is absolutley no realistic sense of gravity or momentum. While other comic book movies have adapted the famous garb of superheroes to fit contemporary tastes (hence, Wolverine in X-Men does not wear a degrading neon yellow spandex jumpsuit), &quot;Hulk&quot; is apparently too cool for school in this regard. The Hulk is, just like in the comics, bright green and adorned in magic purple shorts; this just looks unnatural and overly-cartoony.<br/><br/>And finally, the end of the film is little more than a set-up for a sequel. This not only offsets the pace of the film, but also seems EXTREMELY presumptious on the part of those involved, especially considering a sequel will probably never be made given the film&#39;s modest box-office intake.<br/><br/>As you can tell, I really, really did not enjoy this film. It is melodramatic, redundant, unenvenly paced, and unfullfilling. I encourage all who reads this to skip this fruitless cash-cow save the $8.75.
Admittedly, I set my sights very low for this film. Of course, after Matrix Reloaded crashed all my hopes of it being a perfect science fiction trilogy, I was extremely cautious about Hulk. After all the advertising had innundated every billboard; the merchandise was everywhere in stores. So I had low hopes for Hulk. I was expecting a Daredevil. Maybe, at best, a Spiderman. but hulk shot way past both of those, into classic film history, for me. First, allow my to tip my non-existant hat to Ang Lee. I know now that I should have trusted in his directing to begin with. The way this film was presented - the multiple frames - brought home SO much that this was not a film based upon the shoddy TV series; or the godawful film; but indeed a film based on the Marvel comics. True, it got a little tedious at times, with needles frames showing two angles of the same instance; but in other cases, it brought home the cmoic element of the film. Eric Bana. Here is a talented actor. I had not seen any of his serious roles - not Black Hawk Down nor Chopper - I had ony seen him in Full Front as Plastic Hair Ray Martin and &quot;Poiter&quot;, so I didn&#39;t know what to expect. Yet again, I was amazed. Eric Bana brought to life that character of Bruce Banner, and also of Hulk. He made it believable that this geeky scientist posessed a rage so terrible; he ahd the prescene about him that indicated that he could snap at any minute. No one else, I think, could have made this role so believable - as no-one has the dark intensity; the slight cold streak; the uncontrollable edge - to be able to realistically and fittingly play Bruce or The Hulk. ILM. Well, the CGI surprised me. The close up shots of the Hulk were fanastic; brilliant. As were the transformations. The distance shots still left much to be desired; but it was still a dramatic improvement on anything they&#39;ve done on anything else yet. Overall, I was absolutely thrilled by the Hulk; and I can&#39;t understand why it got so many disappointing reviews. Perhaps it is because the average twenty-something, action-craving cinema goer would have balked at the slow pace of this film; and been agitated by the character build up and personalisation of the character of Bruce Banner and his backstory. But I think those who were displeased with this film missed something great; they missed a truly groundbreaking film, with a lot of heart, and gutwrenching emotional impact. They also missed the pioneering of a new genre of film; a new style of filmmaking. There have been comic based films so far, yes; but this is what I would call an on-screen comic. It is a breakthrough; and it is what I think will make Hulk stand the test of time, and become another classic breakthrough in film, such as Bladerunner. It will certainly outlast other action-packed on-screen comic adaptations such as Daredevil, and probably even Spiderman. Hulk, I think, like it&#39;s subject, it a film of raw power and emotion.
The Hulk has a split personality: Two-thirds come from director Ang Lee, one-third from '60s comic book creator Stan Lee.
In an accident at a laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, research scientist Bruce Banner (<a href="/name/nm0051509/">Eric Bana</a>) is exposed to gamma radiation and nanomeds and somehow survives but discovers that he turns into a hulking, green monster whenever he gets angry. Pursued by his father (<a href="/name/nm0000560/">Nick Nolte</a>) who wants to continue experimenting on Bruce, by U.S. Army General Thaddeus &quot;Thunderbolt&quot; Ross (<a href="/name/nm0000385/">Sam Elliott</a>) who believes that Bruce is a threat to national security, and by Major Glenn Talbot (<a href="/name/nm0524197/">Josh Lucas</a>) who wants to profit from the Hulk&#39;s strength and regenerative ability, Bruce tries to control his anger, prevent the transformation, and simply stay alive. The Hulk is a fictional character in Marvel Comic series, The Incredible Hulk, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The screenplay for Hulk was written by American screenwriters James Schamus, John Turman, and Michael France. Bruce and his lab partner (and girlfriend) Betty Ross (<a href="/name/nm0000124/">Jennifer Connelly</a>), daughter of General Ross, were experimenting with nanomeds, tiny lifeforms that they hoped could be used to heal wounds. Unfortunately, everything (e.g., frogs) on which they&#39;ve tested the nanomeds have ended up exploding. Bruce is the only one to have survived exposure. When Bruce&#39;s father David, also a research scientist whose genetic experiments were shut down when it was learned that he was experimenting upon himself, realized that his wife was pregnant, he feared what he may have passed to his child. Banner realized that his son had to be tested, and the results showed that Bruce had the potential to not be completely human (in his eyes). As the Hulk becomes increasingly enraged, he increases in size. Some of the special features on the original DVD and the Blu-ray/DVD explain it a bit. Ang Lee wanted to reflect that idea, that the more rage Bruce feels, the greater his power becomes. Lying unconscious at the bottom of the lake, Hulk survives the gamma bomb, but David is destroyed. As he rises to the surface, Bruce remembers his father as the man who lovingly tucked him into bed when he was four years old, kissing him and wishing him a good sleep. One year later, Betty is working in the lab when she gets a phone call from her father. He tells her that some loonies have reporting seeing something green and asks her if, by some chance Bruce survived the explosion and she found out about him, would she tell him. &quot;No,&quot; Betty replies, adding that she loved Bruce and that she&#39;s the last person she would want Bruce to contact. Far off in a South American rain forest, Bruce is shown working as a doctor in a medical camp. When some soldiers attempt to steal their medical supplies, Bruce confronts them with the warning in Spanish, &quot;You&#39;re making me angry. You wouldn&#39;t like me when I&#39;m angry!&quot; In the final scene, as the camera pans through the trees, the Hulk&#39;s roar can be heard. Yes, in one scene we see two security guards walking towards the camera and having a conversation. The old guy with a mustache doing most of the talking is Stan Lee, who is the Hulk&#39;s comic book creator. The other guy, the big guy, is <a href="/name/nm0002073/">Lou Ferrigno</a>, who played the Hulk in the 1970s TV series. There are also multiple references to the comic books. General Ross&#39;s helicopter is named &quot;T. Ross&quot;, referencing his comic book nickname; Hulk&#39;s first appearance is grey rather than green, referencing his first comic book incarnation; the character &quot;Benny&quot;, who appears in the comic books, is mentioned in a conversation between Bruce and Betty; Bruce&#39;s father&#39;s name is changed to David Banner, which was Bruce&#39;s name in the TV series; and David Banner takes on several attributes of Hulk&#39;s comic-book nemeses throughout the film. No, but it was originally going to be part of a trilogy. James Schamus revealed in 2014 the unfinished sequel took place at a Native American reserve. Since the financial failure of the first film, it has been subtly rebooted as <a href="/title/tt0800080/">The Incredible Hulk (2008)</a> (2008), which picks up from an unmade alternative origin story (i.e. Bruce is already the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk) and which has launched as the second installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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